The MDM Class of 2014 includes development professionals that come from 15 countries within and beyond Asia. It's this diversity that makes the MDM program a unique academic experience.
Change Yourself

From individual development to organizational leadership.
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Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan sends 25 senior public managers to AIM for Organizational Development (OD) Training
Change your organization

From organizational leadership to institutional change agents.
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British Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Asif Ahmad, speaks on "Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution" at Ambassador's Forum@AIM
Change Society

From institutional change agents to country growth and development.
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UN recognizes Selahuddin Yu Hashim, MDM 2013, as one of the World Humanitarian Heroes for 2014
Be the change

The future of Asia rests on leaders willing to challenge themselves and create lasting change for their communities and societies-at-large.
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